Send function error

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Send function error

Post by crash »

Using ASPM23 latest version I have a problem with the resend registration email

On further inspection, I see the following errors. This seems to be blocking the send function.. can anyone help please. thanks

POST http://localhost:5000/UsersList 500 (Internal Server Error)
send @ jquery.min.js?v=20.5.3:2
ajax @ jquery.min.js?v=20.5.3:2
l.default.ajax @ ew.js:1050
w @ ew.js:5247
submitAction @ ew.js:5251
(anonymous) @ ew.js:10058
dispatch @ jquery.min.js?v=20.5.3:2
v.handle @ jquery.min.js?v=20.5.3:2

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Post by MichaelG »

Enable debug mode (Tools -> Advanced Settings -> Debug) and press F12 -> Network to check the error messages.

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