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Check HTTP Response

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If you want to check HTTP Response from API or from a route, you can use the very useful Chrome DevTools network analysis features, see Network features reference. You may try as follows:

  1. In PHPMaker, click Tools -> Advanced Settings, enable Debug, generate scripts again (so that the script will output more info from the API)

  2. Press F12 in your Chrome browser, go to Network panel

  3. Run your site again.

  4. So long as DevTools is open, it logs all requests in the Network panel. Use the Network panel to analyze requests.

  5. If v2021 (or newer), routing is used, find the URL of the request you want to check in the Network panel. For API requests, they are sent to //yoursite/api/action, so in the "Name" column on the left of the Network panel, you see the "action" name only. For example, you can find "lookup" requests in the "Name" column, those are the HTTP requests to the API, click on the request, you'll see detailed info on the right:

    • Click Headers to view HTTP headers, you also see the "Form data" sent to the API if the request is a HTTP POST.
    • Click Preview to view response body, if the requests is successful, you see the parsed JSON response.
    • Most importantly, click Response to view the actual response body (see View a response body), if there are errors, you should find them in the response body.

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