A Regular Classroom

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A Regular Classroom

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Hi All,

It would be great if they could do a PHPMaker live class on some kind of regular schedule (Monthly or every other week?
I know that there are several features that I am not utilizing and it is mostly out of my own ignorance.

In addition to this being a huge benefit to the community I think it would be of great benefit to the PHPMaker company:
1) Surveys and feedback could be built in on a number of topics that PHPMaker would like to have. Could allow for a "quick pulse" of the community on different topics
2) It would help with Marketing the product. Some sessions could be a "Look at the new features we have just deployed in the tool!"
3) It could be an income stream: Charge one price for attending the sessions live and charge another for the archive of recorded sessions. Or charge a monthly/yearly subscription fee for both.
4) Maybe some sessions could be done by some of your best users or biggest advocates. If done right this could be a very synergistic sort of situation.

I know that PHPMaker is constantly evolving and changing, but there are aspects of the tool that change more slowly and certainly there would be value in that.

There are endless topics and some, I suspect, would not take a lot of prep time. Clearly other classes would take more than a little prep time.
For example:
Beginner's Sessions - Fields: Examples for all the View and Edit Tags (standard stuff and cool stuff you guys have seen others do)
Beginner's Sessions - Table: Table Options, Master/Detail, and Examples of how to override the global settings on each page and why you may want to.
Intermediate Sessions - Charts - I suspect this is a huge area
Intermediate Sessions - Code Server Events (there are so many here you could break this up into several sessions)
Advanced Sessions - Custom Templates

Classes that would directly support the developers efforts:

Optimal Web Server Configuration for PHPMaker (I know the requirements are spelled out clearly in the docs, but I suspect there are "tips & tricks" that newbie's like myself would benefit from)
Database Design - Third Normal Form (3NF) and how to design an OLTP application
Database Design - Building Data Marts for reporting
CI for PHPMaker (now I am just making stuff up)

Thanks for your time and consideration of this.

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Hey! This is a good idea, and I would like to be able to contribute as one of the service providers for it.

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+1 for this

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Users should post stubs to the User Submitted Tips forum so other users can expand and contribute. It should be similar to User Contributed Notes on php.net, the posts should not be questions, but should be contributors' useful notes on the topic.

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this would be nice

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