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Default search type (Quick) improvements

Post by philmills »

I'm using 2023.11

I find the terminology for quick search to be a little ambiguous. Currently the options are:

  • Any words - suggests that it will find any of the words I enter
  • All words - suggests that results should contain all of the words entered
  • Exact match - suggests it will find only the text exactly as entered

The documentation does not explain the precise bahaviours of these options.

However, often I search for only part of a person's name for example, which is not a word, its a string.
The term "any words" would be better expressed as "Any word or string"

I would also like to be able to use MySql SOUNDS LIKE operator in quick search when not using Exact Match. This is useful when searching for names if you aren't sure how its spelt.
e.g. searching for "luis" would return both "luis" and "louis"

This could be implimented at table level with an additional checkbox in the search options

Alternatively a full on fuzzy search might be a nice feature

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