Multiple checkbox string, add individual records

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Multiple checkbox string, add individual records

Postby snookie » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:24 pm

I have a portid (datatype = number) field in my database.
In the ASP.Net maker tool, I have marked this field in Edit Tag as Checkbox and linked to a Lookup Table with port numbers.
This means when using the port add page on my webpage, that you can click multiple checkboxes (or ports) to add multipe ports at once.

Fore example, when i click the checkboxes of port1, port2 and port3, ASP.Net make will generate a string '1,2,3' with portids,
and this must be inserted in the portid field in my database. This does not go ofcourse because the portid field is a number field and not a string field.

What we would like is that ASP.Net maker automatically adds 3 port records in the table when clicking or checking checkboxes port1, port2 and port3.
It means that ASP.Net maker has to split the string '1,2,3' into '1' , '2' and '3' and add these single ports in 3 individual records via a loop.
Now, it tries to add 1 record with a combined portid string '1,2,3'.

Can this be done in ASP.Net maker?
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Re: Multiple checkbox string, add individual records

Postby Webmaster » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:28 am

No, currently it is not supported.
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