Merging different projects with the same database

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Merging different projects with the same database

Postby cheemingyong » Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:37 pm

Hi i got an mssql server 2016 database which is shared by 2 different ASP.NET maker projects.
Let's call them project A and project B.
Both projects have generated contents but they do not have overlapping tables / views.

The reason why I broke into two different projects is I got more than 50 tables and views
and I am trying to segregate the codes which are from 2 different user groups with different
access levels in the security settings.

My question is I would like to merge the generated contents of B to A.
Project A and Project B have no similar tables & views.

What are the best recommendations for this ?
Here are a list of steps which I think might work
1. Change the security settings in project B to sync with project A
2. Copy the contents of project B into the project A folder in a folder to folder match
e.g Models, Controllers, Views
3. change my menu editor to map the generated contents of B in A.
- Example edit files, add files, gridedit files, list files

Is the above approach feasible ?
My objective is I am trying to see if I can break the whole development into multiple project
files and merge them together later.
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Re: Merging different projects with the same database

Postby motfs » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:12 am

The approach is similar to integrate ASP.NET Maker project with ASP.NET Report Project. You need to use the same project name for the different projects. Then, you need to manually handle the menu and security table after merging the projects. Read Tutorial - Compatibility Propertied - Integrating with exisiting ASP.NET Maker project in help file (ASP.NET Report Maker 10) for more detail.
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