Improve Breadcrumb

Improve Breadcrumb

Postby digitalphotoworld » Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:42 pm

I have two suggestions for improving the Breadcrumb functionality:

Add checkboxes in the Tablesetup for show/hide the breadcrumb. It would be nice if there is a checkbox in the General part for show/hide it on all related pages. Further there should be additonal checkboxes on the list/add/view etc. pages.
The same should be possible with the Custom Fields under Table Options.

While the breadcrumb get rendered, there should be a checkup for the userpermissons! For Example the following scenario: A user has the permission to add records to a table "movies", aber nicht für die Listenansicht! Now the breadcrumb shows as /home/movies/add and the "movies" part is linking to movieslist.php. If the user has no permission to see the list, it would be better not to creating a link.
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