Using database helper with Access

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Using database helper with Access

Postby RobWatson » Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:17 pm

A simple tip but hopefully will save someone else scratching their head like I did until the excellent HKV support guys helped out!
The help file for V12 shows a "generate database helper" option in Advanced settings. This actually doesn't exist and it should be generated automatically.
However, when I tried to use it I got a compile error. The helpfile says:

The database helper class is named as c<database>_db where <database> is database name of the project. If the database name contains non-alphanumerical characters, they will be converted to hexadecimal numbers. If the database is MS Access, the extension ".mdb" or ".accdb" is dropped.

The fix is trivial but not obvious to a novice - the database name must be entered in uppercase - so cMYDATABASE_db not cMyDatabase_db

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