Expanded Reports and Series Graphs as well as PAGE graphs

Expanded Reports and Series Graphs as well as PAGE graphs

Postby xoxide102 » Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:20 am

I would like to be able to create much more custom reports

Currently your allowed to do

MIddle ( repeating for invoice and or line runs)

I think most people would prefer a way to have UNLIMITED segments of data and from multiple tables

Customer Reports with all Inovoices and multiple separate invoice runs based on values OR groups

Multiple tables with linked Master records for tables that have
Attachments belonging to Master (run list)
All Quotes (run list)
Notes (run list)

so the current export template with expanded multiple segments for Headers, Footers and Components with the ability to ADD and SUBTRACT sections needed rather than static


Report / graphs based on REPORT totals not just items within the report.

For instance you can run your reports and create graphs based on the data in the report however you not able to report on the total for pages and or total for the entire report based on counts, averages, min, max, sums based on various tables.

expanding report options would help users


I had created a program based on templates and linked tables and master record keys.

You could specify the records you wanted to batch and it would run reports based on html code within a specified TEMPLPATE table in the dabasae along with the other items you had.

Being able to run templates that are similar and as detailed as creating Word templates from data that are perfectly formatted similar to crystal report style yet from report maker or some other tools would be of value.

creating special EMAIL forms and then able to store those finished or link them directly from live data as a report button on the side of items in various complexity to create Detailed, Invoice, Letter of introduction, Email Thank you from trade shows based on searches etc.. would be of huge improved value and engagement to the users of the modules.

I'm most likely going to re develop my custom report module for use with phpmaker and report maker.. however my desire is to have most of the ideas built into the engine for expanded use and simplicity

integrated tools give us more robust solutions

I would like to see expanded Fusion Charts and greater ways to manipulate and use the interactive 3D charts offered in the package within the report maker program

Please continue to produce great content.

I'm using this program now for over 12 years and will continue to do so..

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