split up language.xml per report

split up language.xml per report

Postby amh-mw » Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:45 am

We have 30 reports in our application and continue to add new reports. Our english.xml continues to grow and now we are starting to see Fatal error: Allowed memory size exhausted on our smaller test servers.

If you look at call 51438, the memory usage grows by 18.3MB when the language file is loaded. If you looks at the span of calls 51440-75546, the memory usage grows by an additional 7.7MB (total 26MB) before the thread errors out (hitting its 64MB limit). When I increase the memory_limit to 128MB, I can see that the memory use only increases only another 2MB (total 28MB), then precipitously drops by 17.4MB (total 11.6MB). I recognize that it is not uncommon for PHP installations to run with a larger memory limit (Joomla! default seems to be 256MB), but I see no reason not to keep memory usage low so that more http threads can be processed in parallel.

To avoid this memory spike, perhaps each report could have its own language file?

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