Dynamic User Levels - Additional Field

Dynamic User Levels - Additional Field

Postby DP » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:52 pm

In the userpermissions table (Created by PHPReportMaker), can you please add one more field which will help to have more sites created using PHPReportMaker while using the same userpermissions table.

For Example

The table has the following fields at present,
Userlevelid, tablename,permission.

If we add, sitename/projectname as another field to the table, then I can use multiple sites using same database and same tables with different access rights for each site

Ex. Data

Userlevelid, tablename, permission, project-site-name
5, "MyTable01", 8, "Junior Reports"
5,"MyTable02",0,"Junior Reports"
5,"MyTable01", 8, "Senior Reports"
5,"MyTable02", 8, "Senior Reports"

Though we can make a single site to integrate these to sites and have various levels, the reason behind this request is, sometimes practical problems exists with totally two different requirements, hence this will help to use the same table to integrate two access rights.

Though I am aware we can also use two different tables of access rights to meet this requirement, I thought by integrating this will make life simpler.

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