Load Tables Dynamically

Load Tables Dynamically

Postby Rick » Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:17 am

I have a large size mysql database (400+) tables that is part of a production product that we use (not designed
by us), so I cannot do anything about changing that. The Phpreportmaker takes an extremely long time to
load and unload the database, even though the "load tables dynamycally" is checked. We are talking about
3+ minutes to be able to work on the database or change to another (project loading or unloading process).

A temporary solution was to create another "test" database, with only a copy of the tables that I really
need to access in my application, once I test the php generated code, I change the php code login, database,
credentials, so it accesses the real database.

Would it be possible that phpReportmaker "really" just loaded the required tables dynamically? My understanding
in an ideal situation is that phpReportmaker should only load and unload the "checked" tables without all
the loading/unloading time.

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