Postby Amit Shah » Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:14 pm

Hi there,

I appreciate the efforts put on by you guys to reduce the work load of the users all around the world, but there are many areas where the tool can be optimized.

1) When there is a lot of data to be processed like lakhs of records, the process fails for the simple reason that it times out before it responds. One major drawback noticed is that even for count, you use up select * ..... instead of select count(1) ..... And you dont seem to use up the limit condition at all.

2) Majority of reports are much simpler to go with rather then it being complex one. As per earlier information, there may be a problem with acumulating the count with complex report queries, what can be done is there can be two templates made (1) for the simple reports where the optimized template for providing select count(1) and limit clause and 2) which you have been using on regular basis. This gives the user a better option to use whichever he wants to.

3) The internal filters that you provide can anyways be associated in the quries as they are associated with the extended filters. Only situation was in regular filter there are arrays and as for extended filters there are drop down box. Which i belive can still be managed. Only thing you require to take care is for date where there are a range that can be specified. But i still believe that can be managed with the query part.

I will be happy to contribute something if i am of some use to this wonderful product.

Hope the suggestion be worked out on and come up with solution for the same.

Amit Shah

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