Chart Number Formatting

Chart Number Formatting

Postby kwfrazier » Tue May 22, 2012 9:52 pm

When setting up a chart based on a report, it would be nice to either inherit number formatting for a field (e.g. Percent with 2 decimals) or set it in the chart setup options. Percents stored as decimals ('.1234') can be formatted in the report as Percent with 2 decimals will show as '12.34%', however, the chart still displays as '.1234'. Additionally, setting Trendlines can only be whole numbers, so I cannot set a trendline for '.9'

You can edit the asp code manually for the chart to multiply the chart value *100 and add a '%' suffix on the chart data, which solves the Trendline issue, but then the report can't show the percent sign with the data ('12.34' vs '12.34%' in the report). Unfortunately, these changes get overwritten any time the report/chart is updated requiring the code to be manually updated again.

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