ASP Report Maker 9.0.1 Released

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ASP Report Maker 9.0.1 Released

Postby Webmaster » Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:45 am

We are pleased to announce the official release of ASP Report Maker 9.

2016/01/25 v9.0.0
- Linked Tables from Multiple Databases
- Custom Fields
- Custom Template in Detail/Summary reports
- Up to 4 Value fields in crosstab reports
- Dropdown Selection Lists
- Session Keep Alive and Session Timeout
- Anonymous User Level
- Import/Export of Theme Settings
- Import/Export Feature of Multi-Language Property Editor
- New Language Selection Buttons as button group with tooltip
- Language_Load server event
- Option to encrypt file path
- Global array for passing server side values to client side
- JavaScript alerts replaced by Modal dialog
- jQuery, JsRender updated
- Multi-Language support for reCAPTCHA, JsCalendar
- A new built-in "plain" theme
- UTF-8 output files if project charset is utf-8
- Option to add indentation to XML nodes in the project file
- FusionCharts XT 3.10.0
- Bootstrap 3.3.6
- mobile-detect.js
- Many other minor improvements

Please refer to here for detail:

The new version can be downloaded at:

Before trying the new version, please backup your existing projects first.

To purchase license for ASP Report Maker 9 or upgrade, please visit:

Price and upgrade policy remains unchanged. 6-month email support.
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Re: ASP Report Maker 9.0.1 Released

Postby Webmaster » Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:33 am

2016/04/18 v9.0.1
- Fixed: Incorrect grand total values for Crosstab report
- Fixed: Crosstab report Value field alignment
- Fixed: Gantt chart with Link Tables
- Fixed: Relative date filters
- Fixed: Default date format not saved properly
- Fixed: Server Events not loaded properly occasionally
- Improved: Message for BLOB images in tables without primary key field
- Updated: Fusioncharts 3.10.1
- Updated: jQuery, JsRender, Moment, Mobile Detect and help file
- Other minor changes and bug fixes
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