This is NOT support forum, please read this before posting.

This public forum is for user-to-user discussions of ASP Report Maker. Note that this is not support forum.

This is NOT support forum, please read this before posting.

Postby Webmaster » Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:56 am

This forum is open for both registered and unregistered users, everyone can post questions about using ASP Report Maker for open discussion.

All users, registered or not, are treated the same in this public forum, there is no need to tell if you are a registered user or not. Registered users should use the benefits of direct email support and use for technical questions.

Note that this is an user-to-user discussion forum, NOT A SUPPORT FORUM. You are discussing with other users, NOT with our Webmasters, who may take active part in the discussions as an user, but they are NOT providing support here.

Please be polite. No one is obliged to reply your post, any users replying your questions are trying to help you out as a fellow user.

Always try before you ask and post your code first, don't expect someone to post code for you to copy and paste without the need to understand and try.

This is also NOT a forum to post:
- When a new version will be released?
- What are the new features of the next version?
If you have feature request, please use the Feature Request forum.

Please be considerate. Before posting questions, it is recommended that you search forum first, many frequently asked questions are already asked or answered before.

- Give a meaningful subject, don't use "Help", "Urgent", etc.
- Describe your questions in details, don't just say "xxx is not working".
- Post the related segment of code (don't post the whole page).
- Describe steps to reproduce behavior.
- Follow threads, do not try to top the list by opening new threads or double posting.
- Do not "bump" your post.
- If your problem is solved, post the solution.
- Do not post off-topic.
- No advertising.

Please respect the forum and above rules, we reserve the rights to delete any posts not complying to above and ban the poster, as decided by our moderators. We also reserve the rights to delete wrong, misleading, or outdated content, and shorten posts to make them to the point, as decided by our moderators. Posting to this forum indicates your acknowledgement and agreement to above rules.
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