start row/end row option on fields for easy page layout

start row/end row option on fields for easy page layout

Postby squeek » Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:35 am

Fields in the add, edit, view are all formatted like this:
div for the row, div for the caption, div for the input tag then
close the div for the input tag, close the div for the caption, close the div for the row

I have a table with 11 checkboxes, and they are all on separate rows. If there was a start row setting and an end row setting on each field, then I could put two of them on the same row, or three, or four, etc. This could be done on any edit tag. This would make it very easy to make a custom page layout, without having to create a custom template. I don't need exact placement, but it would be nice to be able to have first and last name on the same row, house number, street, apartment number, building number on the same row, city, state, zip on the same row:

First Name __________ Last Name ___________
house number ______ street: __________________ Apt# _________ Bldg# ____________
City _____________ State [_TX_] Zip ______

Don't get me wrong; custom templates are great, but they're not for everyone.
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Re: start row/end row option on fields for easy page layout

Postby digitalphotoworld » Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:25 pm

I support this idea! The custom templates are very time intensive for setup if there are a lot of fields. Sometimes you only need two or three fields to move onto another positon. It would save a lot of work if there is another solution.

In addition to this suggestion it would be very helpfull if you could implement something that is able to generate the custom-template with the standard settings as blue-print.

With this feature it would be very easy to make slight changes on the generated custom-template. It also helps to avoid typos because it is very confusing to develop a custom template with all the parameters and settings that are possible. On a table with 60 or 70 fields it lasts hours to create a simple custom template.

It could work like the "without header" function in generating the files. Just a additional column with a checkbox that is generating the custom-templates based on the setup of the fields.
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