move some files to template file

move some files to template file

Postby squeek » Sat Dec 21, 2013 8:51 am

When I do a new project, like my latest "helpdesk" project, I always copy the standard template file to my project folder, rename it to the project name (, and use that template. This allows me to make changes to the templates in this project that I might not need in other projects. For example, I want the button at the bottom of the add and edit pages to say "Save", instead of "Edit", so I've changed the edit and add templates to use "SaveBtn" for the text. Unfortunately, I also had to make a new language file from English.xml called "helpdesk.xml", change the name and desc to "Helpdesk", and added

<phrase id="SaveBtn" value="Save"/>

to it. The language files are stored in the languages folder under the folder where ASPMaker was installed. It would be a lot more logical to have the language file inside the template zip file.

Then there's the usercode.js file. The help file says:

"By default, the User Code File is named as "usercode.js" and can be found under the "src" subfolder of the installed directory. However, you can rename it or put it elsewhere if necessary. In that case, you need to modify the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\<product name>\<version>\Settings\General
Value name: UserCode"

Most people aren't comfortable with modifying the registry, and besides that, this still only allows for ONE usercode.js file that will be used for ALL projects. Once again, It would be a lot more logical to have usercode.js file inside the template zip file.

The theme definition files, along with theme.xml should also be in the template file. ew.css is another one.
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