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Save button on ADD instead of Add button

PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:13 am
by squeek
I'm a lazy programmer.

I save my project files in the web root of my development server. I copy the file into /templates and rename it to the name of my project. Since the language files MUST be in the program directory, I copied the English.xml file to projectname.xml (and edit the name in the ew-language line to projectname so I can customize the language file, or the templates to my heart's desire. The only downside of this is that new versions might have changes to the language or template files, so I always have to compare those files with my personal copies. Not that difficult using Beyond Compare from scootersoftware dot com.

With that said, IMHO it's odd to have the button on the add screen say "Add", instead of "Save". To remedy this, I added a new phrase to projectname.xml language file:

<phrase id="SaveBtn" value="Save"/>

In in the web root\template folder I changed "AddBtn" in line 428 of add-script.asp to "SaveBtn", right near the end:

<%= Language.Phrase("AddBtn") %></button>

This change only affects this particular web project.