Switching between users on the fly

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Switching between users on the fly

Postby Adam » Mon May 15, 2017 3:07 pm

Our support staff needed a way to quickly and easily log in as clients without needing to:

1) log out themselves
2) use a secondbrowser
3) obtain the client's credentials

...so we added a snippet of jQuery to the footer of the project that presented a "Log in as..." or "Resume as..." button on particular pages (in each row of the users' List/Grid page, and on the View page).

We then added a snippet of PHP to the header:

// switch from admin/staff to a regular profile
if (CurrentUserLevel() != 1 && isset($_GET['SetProfile'])) {
'SysAdmin' => $_SESSION['YourProject_SysAdmin'],
'Level' => $_SESSION['YourProject_status_UserLevel'],
'ID' => $_SESSION['YourProject_status_UserName']
$_SESSION['YourProject_SysAdmin'] = 0;
$_SESSION['YourProject_status_UserLevel'] = 0;
$_SESSION['YourProject_status_UserName'] = (int) $_GET['SetProfile'];
$_SESSION['YourProject_status_UserProfile_UserName'] = (int) $_GET['SetProfile'];
header("Location: your_default_page.php");
// resume to admin/staff from a regular profile
else if (CurrentUserLevel() == 0 && isset($_GET['ResumeRootProfile']) && isset($_SESSION['_ROOT_PROFILE'])) {
$_SESSION['YourProject_SysAdmin'] = $_SESSION['_ROOT_PROFILE']['SysAdmin'];
$_SESSION['YourProject_status_UserLevel'] = $_SESSION['_ROOT_PROFILE']['Level'];
$_SESSION['YourProject_status_UserName'] = $_SESSION['_ROOT_PROFILE']['ID'];
$_SESSION['YourProject_status_UserProfile_UserName'] = $_SESSION['_ROOT_PROFILE']['ID'];
header("Location: your_default_page.php");
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